Since I began operating Khaki Belt Services in February of 2004, I have been the happy recipient of at least one Civic Honor from the City of Auburn Hills, and the grateful reader of many little notes of praise and gratitude written on envelopes or sticky notes attached to my checks from satisfied customers.

Civic Honors

Honorable Mention for the Auburn Hills Beautification Advisory Commision for 2006;
for my work in Williamsburg Village Condominiums.

Customer Accolades

"...Also, I wanted to thank you for your fabulous service over the course of this past summer.  You are very knowledgeable about the plants and shrubs, and I can see my lot really taking shape with you at the helm.  I look forward to working with you next year."

Tom M.          
Bloomfield Hills, MI

"Kevin, Thank you very much!   You did a spectacular job...You will be hearing from me again."
Elsie P.     
Rochester Hills

"You did such a nice job painting my garage last summer, I want you to paint my house."

Two weeks later...

"My house looks wonderful!  I love it!
Shirley K.    

"Thank-you for being so responsive.
Your services are very helpful."
Sine & Monaghan Real Estate
Royal Oak       
(Out-state Client needing to get late parent's home on the market)
"You are amazing.  Thank you for your efforts and taking the initiative to go a step further with the cosmetic repairs.  Once again, I am very fortunate you were referred to me.  If I can ever assist you as a reference, please use my name."
Bob G.     
South Haven, MI

"Kevin, Thank you for being so prompt. 
I will gladly refer business your way in the future."
Andrea B.           
Sine & Monaghan Real Estate
"Kevin, Thanks MUCH!  My yard is absolutely Beautiful!"
Maria G.     

"Wow!, You did far more than I expected.
It looks great.  Thank-you."
Brenda S.   
Madison Heights
"Thanks again for performing the jobs,
that while maybe a bit
  outside your
normal line of work, were done in a safe,
professional manner."
   Greg C.     
Bloomfield Hills

"Thank-you for your services. 
It is nice to know you are available
to do the things I need done."
Dora S.   
Auburn Hills

I just wanted to give you a little positive feedback of thanks on all the groundwork you've done for me since you started (5 years). This year is the best it's ever looked and I wanted you to know how nice it is to look outside and see the colors filling in...
Jim W.

(Happy client posted this to a Troy, Mi community website)
I have had many people ask me about my affordable handyman.  He does practically EVERYTHING, but will honestly tell you
when something is beyond his scope.
As a single Mom, it is refreshing to know there are people out there who are NOT solely interested in taking advantage of you and your situation.
Gayle Z.

(A Primary source of Referrals is Auburn Oaks Nursery... The following was mailed to them)
Jan. 12, 2015
To: Management / Auburn Oaks Nursery
This is just a short note to thank you for the referral to Khaki Belt Services to assist with my fall clean-up.  Kevin Kersten came out quickly and assisted me pruning a "challenging", over-grown tree in my front yard, as well as surrounding bushes.  He also cleaned up debris and brought a special hose to drain off water from gutter more efficiently.  He also put alot of effort into into cleaning out gutters that had been neglected by the previous owner.  He spent alot of time educating me about maintenance ideas for my new home.
Kevin worked very hard around my home for hours.  He was friendly, informative and professional.  Thanks again for the Referral.
Deborah S.
Rochester Hills

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