At KBSG our focus is on the small and medium-sized projects, for your home, Condo or Business, but we welcome an Opportunity to consult on any size job.
Landscape Bed Creation
Planning Advice & Assistance
Turf Removal / Disposal
Soils Installed or Improved
"English" Trench Edging Created
Plant materials Delivery & Install

Mulch Delivery & Installation
Landscape Bed Rehab
Some "Hand-weeding" / Cultivation
Weed Control / Elimination & Prevention
"English" Trench Edging Created
Plastic / Hardscape Edges repaired
Plants Divided / Moved
Shrubs Removed / Pruned / Trimmed
Rocks & Wood
"Post" beds, "Tree circles" and
Rock Borders Installed
Zen Effects and French Drains Created.
Raised Bed Walls repaired.
Timber Bed Walls removed / repaired.
Gravel & Stone beds improved / removed.


Weeds & Groundcover Care
Weeds & Turf grass Removed
Weed Elimination & Prevention
Perennial Plants divided / "sized"
Groundcover Beds Trimmed / Mulched
Mint & other Invasive plants controlled

Trees / Shrubs Rehabbed
Hedges & Shrubs Pruned / Trimmed
Spreading Evergreens Defined
Shrub & small tree Removal.

Small tree trimming (to ~20 feet)
& Crabapple "sucker" control

Evergreen tree pruning / raising
and "under canopy" clean-up

Burning Bush size control is our specialty

Special Event Preparation
Detail work for Party Prep
Annuals Installed and Pots planted

Patio and Driveway weed removal
The Earlier the Start, the More
we can accomplish...
Please Plan ahead

Lawn Repair
Lawns "raised" for exposed tree roots.
Lawns patched, over / spot seeded,
excavation damage repaired.
March Evergreen Needle clean-up
New Concrete edges lawn repairs
Stump Grinding & Fill / repair

Misc. Work
Brush & Thicket removal ,
"Neglected Area" Clean-up

and Lawn Reclaimation
Fence-line Clearing & Lawn repairs.

Poison Ivy Removal

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